Build My Own Website – 3 Simple Steps to Make a Website From Scratch and Be Online in a Few Hours

It is very simple to build your own website. You can often have a website up and running within minutes! All it takes is to take these essential 3 steps. e poe tegemine

1) 1st and most important step is to pick a good web-hosting company. A web hosting company supplies the “servers” that the website will be hosted on. You will upload your website files onto their server, which will publish your site onto the web for all to see. This is the “piece of web real estate” that your website will reside on.

2) Pick a good domain name. This is the name of your website. You will want to either have a catchy name that people can remember or have a domain name that includes keywords. Keywords are the words that people type in to search for something on the web. So if your site was about “cat training”, a website called “cattraining.com” would be a good idea, and most likely come up in the searches.

3) Use a simple “WordPress Blog” to create your website! You don’t need to buy any additional software or learn too much complicated stuff to make a simple WordPress site.

SECRET: WordPress is included for free with most web-hosting companies! You can make countless websites fast and easy with WordPress. You can either make them look like a blog or like a nice looking website.

So you can see that the most important step in the whole process is to pick a good web hosting company! Web hosting can be very cheap and easy to set up. Learn the basics about web hosting before tackling the idea of building your own website.


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