CPAP Heated Humidifiers

Have you started using a CPAP machine but now your breathing is suffering? There are ways to fix your problem. Heated humidifiers in CPAP machines help to soothe your throat and nasal passage so they are a great alternative to a plain machine with no moisture. The comfort of the warm moist air will help you breathe easier and sleep better because your throat won’t be all dried out anymore. Best CPAP Mask For Side SleepersĀ 

You might be asking yourself “Why would someone want to inhale water vapor for 8 hours?” Well, the answer is simple. You inhale a tiny amount of vapors normally. The saliva and mucus you create sends a small amount of moisture into your breathing system all the time. This helps you function properly. When a CPAP machine forces dry air into your mouth and nose it can overpower your ability to send that tiny bit of moisture into your lungs. You’re drying up! The heated humidifier will help you with making your throat nose and mouth moist again.

Heated humidifiers are different from cold humidifiers. The heated ones help to open your passage up and help to absorb and comfort in your mouth nose and throat. The warm moist air simulates your normal breathing and feels good in your passages. This is best when you are not already inflamed and mucusy. The cooling humidifiers help soothe the throat from damage. It doesn’t have much other purpose than to keep you moist and feel relief from certain problems.

You don’t need to have a severe problem to use a heated humidifier. It can just be a relaxing thing to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. The cozy air feels moist and natural and is great for winter months when you are thinking that the air is a bit too thin for you to catch your breath. You can bundle up and feel secure that you will be getting real rest.

Generally, people who have breathing problems prefer to have a heated humidifier to absorb moisture into their system. It just helps to confirm that you are breathing and getting oxygen in to your lungs properly without damaging the rest of involved areas for your breathing system.

The mask you choose will decipher whether you are going to want a heated humidifier or not. For ladies, it is a bonus that you can get a full face mask so it doubles as a pore cleansing treatment!

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