Food Stores Are Making A Fool Out Of You!

This really grinds my gears.. The way food stores, well not so much the stores but the food marketing agencies can try and deceive people into thinking the food there selling is healthy. The worst thing though, is that it’s working and has been for years!

Food marketing agencies or FMA have made people belief 2 things. Which is ‘fat is bad’ and ‘less fat is good’. At the moment your probably agreeing with this statement, and why wouldn’t you? You’ve been told noo different. FMA use this big time to their advantage.

How do they? Well they heavily promote towards the popular belief. So your see products with ” Now with half the fat” slapped across the packet, or “70% less saturated fat than… ” To the majority this comes across as a very healthy thing. They think fat is bad and this has less so must be good. In reality what’s really written across the packet is ” Now with twice as many nasty chemicals. ” This will begin to make sense in the following examples.

Peanut Butter

OK so peanut butter in it’s natural state is a very healthy product. To the FMA it’s an opportunity because it’s quite high in fat. However what you need to realise is that this is the true healthy fat! They do exist and there in all sorts of foods. The fat in peanut butter can help control cravings and manage stable blood sugar levels, and NO it will not make you fat. russian food store

The alternative is the “low fat” peanut butter. Before I continue I think it’s important to state the ingredients of natural peanut butter is just peanuts and salt. So in this alternative they have already taken out the healthiest part, the fat. That is then replaced by 2 different types of sugary syrups as well as additional dehydrated cane juice (more sugar) and then added to that is refined starches.

So going from 2 simple natural healthy ingredients to an over processed mess of chemicals. Thinks about it, which one do you really think is the healthy option?


Again this may surprise you but real butter in it’s natural state contains healthy fats. Which believe me is good for you. Organic “grass fed ” butter is the best option. Here’s a nice tip for you as well adding a little butter to steamed veggies helps your body absorb more vitamins and minerals from them. Plus the stable saturated fats in butter makes it one of the best oils to cook with. Unlike others, which are high in polyunsaturated oils. These are the worst to cook with due to there highly unstable nature. Anyway lets get back on track..

OK so what’s in that fake butter that makes it “better”? Well again they take out all the healthy fats and it’s replaced by you guessed it lots of chemicals. In fact here’s the exact ingredients I found on a fake butter claiming it’s better;-

Vegetable oils, Water, Reconstituted Buttermilk (9%), Modified Maze Starch, Salt (1.6%), Emulsifiers – E471,Sunflower Lecithin, Soya Lecithin, Preservatives – potassium sorbate, Lactic Acid, Colours – annato Curcumin,Flavouring

I don’t know about you but that’s not what I want to be feeding my body. My point is you should really check what’s in these “Healthy Versions” because chances are if it’s not natural it’s not good for you. Please dont’s be fooled because these people really don’t care for your health all they care for is money.

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