What Kind of Baby Food Your Baby Should Have

During the first six months of birth a baby gets total nutrition from its mother’s breast milk. But after that the baby food is chosen by parents according to the needs of the baby. These foods are available in different tastes and variety and are made keeping only the babies in mind. Some of them are also made in such a way that the babies finds it easier to eat as the infants do not have teeth. The others are also in the form of liquid paste or something that can be easily chewed. Apart from the taste the baby foods also provide nutrition to the body. russian chocolate

When your baby is six months old you can also start giving your body solid food. You can start with baby rice which is a good way to introduce solid food to your baby’s diet. If you want you can mix them with formula milk that babies usually prefer. This will also provide your baby the necessary minerals and vitamins that will help your baby to grow. The essential foods that you can give your baby are cooked potato, baby rice, sweet potato, turnip, carrot, apple, soft desert pear and banana. But you should always avoid using salt or sugar to the food. You can give these foods to your baby once or twice in a day after your baby’s milk feeding depending on the needs of the baby.

When it comes to giving any drink to your baby it is advisable to give only milk to your baby during the first year. Plain boiled water can be given to the baby after six months of birth. As most juices have natural or artificial sugars your baby may them only for a limited time otherwise it would harm the teeth. If you are a working mother then you may also find pre-prepared baby foods in the market.

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